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Welcome to Hello Gorgeous Boutique!

Five years ago when I started my blog, Hello Gorgeous, I did it as a creative outlet that I hoped would challenge me to get inventive and have fun with the usual 8 to 5 workwear “box” that many of us find ourselves in. 

What I didn’t know then was that this little hobby of mine would eventually lead to a fascination with accessories of all kinds. Through the hundreds of outfits that I styled and shared, I found that my looks didn’t feel complete without a finishing touch: a statement necklace, eye-catching earrings, a cheerful stack of bracelets or a sassy scarf.

But often I found myself wondering why it was so difficult to find unique statement accessories at prices that women like me could afford? 

After a few years of mulling over the question, I decided to stop wondering and instead, make it happen. So I created this boutique for all of us— the women out there who value style and self expression but who do not have Beyonce’s disposable income.

I truly hope that you feel the love that was put into each hand-picked piece in the boutique. And I hope each one makes you feel even more gorgeous than you already are.

Happy shopping!

With love,



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